Singapore One – looking at Singapore through different lenses

We are Singapore One, and our mission is to cover those topics which are close to your heart. Every individual’s story matters.

Our CityJos are our boots on the ground, feeling the pulse of the community and connecting the everyday Singaporean to the World Wide Web.

Join us as we look at relevant issues through different lenses.

SG Now

SGNow is our flagship weekly show, and is hosted by the talented Sharda Harrison. Along with our intrepid CityJos, she will be zooming in on a topic that matters to Singaporeans and explore new ways of looking at these issues. Each week, Sharda and the CityJos will also be joined by special guests.

Do you have a story that needs reinspection? Get in touch today!

Citizen Journalist (CityJo)

The frontline hero of Singapore-One is the Citizen Journalist, or CityJo. The CityJo is a Swiss Army knife of online storytelling, armed with the tools needed to discover new perspectives and hidden angles when looking at life in Singapore. Weaving compelling narratives with a multimedia arsenal, the CityJos will shine a new light on our island.

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